The 10-day detox

By Phil Lee

Habits are hard to break

A few weeks ago my wife forwarded me an email from a medical doctor in the US who was spruiking the health benefits of a radical (for me) diet change. 

As a kick-start he recommended a 10-day detox: no sugar, no caffeine, no wheat or gluten, no dairy, no fruit (except berries).

I thought about it a few times and discussed it with her. She said I should do it.

When I asked her if she would do it with me she hesitated. I persisted until she reluctantly nodded. I then went to weigh myself and was annoyed I had put on about 2kgs over the break.

The next day I again asked her if she would do it with me. She didn't seem all that enthusiastic but she agreed.

As you can imagine, deleting all those items was a about cold turkey...LOL (you are allowed cold turkey....with greens or veggies of course).

Well, here we are at day 9 of the 10 days.

I lost 2.6gs in the first 5 days but felt pretty awful. Today I'm feeling better, lighter and have more energy.

What is quite amazing is that neither of us has been very hungry!

So what's the message here?

There are a few things that stand out that are relevant to business and sales and business.

1. Bad habits are easy to develop and can be painful to break. But once you hang in for a while you will quickly get accustomed to doing the good stuff - like prospecting daily and you will feel better and do more business!

2. It's easier to make a change and persist with it if you are doing it with someone else. We egged (you can have eggs LOL) each other on and it helped. If I was doing it by myself it would have been a LOT harder (truth is, I may have given up!).

3. The doctor is an expert in his field. If you are having business or sales challenges that are costing you money find an expert and follow their advice.

4. It's NEVER too late to make a positive change. Why not grab a colleague and start a 10-Day sales detox?

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Phil Lee