The time game

By Phil Lee

How are you using your time?

Once a potential sales opportunity has been identified, your activities should be directed towards either closing the business or closing the file. 

Anything in between those two outcomes is likely to be a a waste of time and resources even though, on the surface, it  may appear as if you are productively working.

What are some of these time-wasters? 

  • Arranging meetings with prospects without a clear-cut, mutually agreed and acceptable agenda established for the meeting.

  • Sending literature or letters to prospects to avoid making prospecting phone calls

  • Work that keeps you occupied, but is not directly related to potentially selling something e.g. updating your contact management software, or putting the finishing touch on your pre-approach prospecting letter.

  • "Following up" with a prospect when no clear business opportunity or reason has been established.

  • Creating and delivering presentations to prospects who have not been thoroughly qualified and/or have not made a commitment to give a decision.

  • ”Touching base" with prospects who said "no" rather than investing the time to contact prospects who may be able to say "yes". 

So, the game is to  ensure both parties are on the same page and to either close the business or close the file.

Anything in between is a game of "hide and seek" and you may be the only one playing.

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Phil Lee