You make the calls!

by Phil Lee

Is “Call-reluctance” costing you money?

When I was a small boy my mother would sometimes make me take some foul tasting  medicine when I was sick. I would do my best to avoid it and she would eventually manage to hold me down, pinch my nose and make me swallow it.

Invariably, I would always feel better because she forced me to take it.

It wasn't unit l was a fair bit older, with children of my own, that I more readily accepted my "medicine".

It's the same for many salespeople in regards to using the phone to prospect and grow their business. They "know" it will be good for them but they are doing everything to avoid doing it. 

We call this "call reluctance".

It's a mental state that can only be overcome by realising that, like the medicine, you may not like taking it but it is good for you. In other words, "you need to do it anyway".

We'll be discussing this and teaching some simple paradigm shifts that will help you overcome call reluctance in our upcoming Cold Call Boot Camp in Sydney on 25th September (many past participants have reported very positive results after attending this Boot Camp) - other common prospecting issues also covered are detailed below.

Selling shouldn't be so hard.

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Phil Lee