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Make things happen in 2019

By Phil Lee

2019 - THE YEAR OF… YOU!

At this time of year many of us have already written down or are about to write down some goals for the coming 12 months. 

Most of us know the drill...put the goals in writing, make them specific, make them meaningful, set a deadline, put them where you can see them daily, make them across several areas of your life e.g. business, family, social, health, finances etc.

I strongly suggest that if you haven't written down your goals for 2019 that you set aside 15-30 minutes to do it in the next few days. Studies have indicated that this will significantly improve your chances of success.

This year maybe also think about adding a few extra goals around contribution and happiness. Here are a few examples:

  • Do one thing every day that makes someone's life easier.

  • Smile at 3 people every day.

  • Look for things to praise in others.

  • Thank people who help you.

  • Strive to be of service.

  • Let go of the need to always be right.

  • Keep your eye on your goals but also seek to find happiness in this moment.

  • Keep a daily gratitude journal... (as success coach Tony Robbins says, "Trade your expectation for appreciation.")

Here's to a great year.

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Phil Lee