Don’t Compromise your self image

By Phil Lee

Always guard your BIG “I”

Most of the time, as professionally-trained sales people, we like what we do.

But every so often, a customer or prospect behaves in a way that makes us look in the mirror to see who is staring back. They may be blatantly disrespectful or conniving or even rude.

If we pretend to act polite, skirt the real issue, or not face uncomfortable situations head on then we've not only chickened out at that moment, we've chickened out on our goals and the reason we got into sales and business in the first place.

It's okay to be assertive and politely speak your mind. You have rights just like anyone else.

Be courageous, because if you back down this time, you've trained yourself to back down the next time, too. 

Success coach Tony Robbins says he has become successful because he has built his big “I” like a a body builder builds muscle. He has trained himself to face uncomfortable situations and take appropriate action.

When it comes down to it, your self esteem is your most important asset and should be guarded accordingly.

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Phil Lee