This could make a huge difference

By Phil Lee

The “secret sauce” of success

I was thrilled last week when one of my regular coaching clients excitedly shared that he'd just closed a sizeable deal over the phone using some of the skills we'd been working on last year.

 After we had discussed it and his performance the previous year I asked him to project into the future and imagine he was at this year’s New Year's Eve party.

 I then asked him to imagine that he was speaking with someone who was really personable and a great listener. I asked him to imagine that person asking him, "How was your year?"

 I played the role of the interested friend.

He said that his year had been great, that his new child was born and that he was fitter and more energetic than ever and that his business revenues had grown substantially. In fact he shared he had earned an additional $250k. When I asked him how he achieved his business success he nominated three reasons:

  • He had improved his selling skills

  • His confidence had improved

  • He had stopped looking for approval from prospects

When I drilled further and asked how he had managed to achieve those improvements he said it was due to his regular coaching sessions and being held accountable to applying the lessons learned from the coaching!

The questions I'd like to pose to you is, "How do you see this year ending up for you?" Will you be working on your selling skills, your confidence level and your need for approval? Do you have a professional coach to help you fast track your progress and keep you accountable? Are you even serious about making significant improvements this year?

A good coach is your unreasonable best friend!

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Phil Lee