How To Build Trust

By Phil Lee

People Buy From People They Like and Trust

You are probably familiar with the adage, "People buy from people they like and trust".

If I had to pick one over the other, I reckon trust edges out being liked when it comes to making a buying decision - particularly an important one where there is a fair bit at stake.

Digital marketers will tell you that you earn trust over a period of time by building sales funnels. You start by providing lots of useful information and then gradually offer your services starting with small things like a book or low cost webinar and then working your way up to offering more expensive services like coaching and / or a mastermind experience.

It's a useful strategy and takes time to implement until trust is genuinely established.

If your business involves face to face selling I reckon there is a very quick way to build trust with people.

Simply, be disarmingly honest with your customers and prospective buyers (unfortunately, some salespeople will have to look that word up in the dictionary which is a pity because it gives the rest of us a bad reputation).

As an example, I was speaking to a new prospect on the phone recently and the question was asked early in our conversation, "How can you help me Phil?" My disarmingly honest answer was, "I'm not sure if I can help you Bill as I really don't know enough about your situation and what is going on for you at this time."

The prospect immediately seemed to relax and then started to tell me about his situation in some detail. In terms of trust I had gone from about a 3/10 to a 7/10 with that one, very honest statement.

It took about 30 seconds.

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Phil Lee