Phil Lee
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Choosing the right speaker / facilitator to work with your team can be a challenging exercise.

You want more than “motivation” and “fluff”. You want an inspiring speaker who will quickly gain your team’s trust and teach them practical tools they can immediately use in an inspiring way. You also need the material tailored to your specific requirements so that you can be confident of a significant ROI. 

Phil Lee will inspire and challenge your people and the status quo so that they take specific action that will immediately boost performance and results.

Founder of the Australian office of one of the world's leading Business Growth and Leadership Training Organisations.


The key issues that Phil addresses with his Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching are; workplace underperformance and engagement, and underperforming salespeople and sales teams. 

Workplace and Sales Rockstars (like Musical Rockstars) rise to the top of their profession, consistently perform at a high level, and create an army of raving fans. 



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I will get your people to commit to a higher level of performance and workplace engagement - guaranteed.
— Phil Lee
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Showreel and Live Testimonials

What a session we just had with Phil! He got us all out of our chairs, ready to take on the challenges and take our business forward!
It was just what we needed.
— Kevin Smaller, Managing Director, Southern Steel Group
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Phil's Book


This book details what you have to know to “Change The Game” and literally Rockstar Your Sales results. Gleaned from over 40 years experience in sales and sales training and coaching Phil tells it like it is. No “me too” fluff here…this is Sales 2.0 on steroids!


"This book is loaded with practical, proven ideas you can use immediately to stay motivated and make more sales than ever before"

Brian Tracy, Author The Psychology of Selling


 "If you want to live the life you deserve I recommend you read anything you can get your hands on that is written by Phil Lee."

Hilton Seskin, Chairman, Topshop Australia