The Laws of Sales

by Phil Lee

The 4 Universal Laws of Sales

Like many of you I was in awe of the images that recently revealed the first photographed Black Hole.

Just as awe-inspiring is the fact that this cosmic phenomenon was predicted by Einstein and was further vindication of his century-old Theory of General Relativity. Speaking of cosmic phenomena, did you know that there are just 4 fundamental forces operating in the Universe?

They are: Strong Nuclear Force, Electromagnetic Force, Weak Nuclear Force, and Gravity.

The point of this piece is not to teach you physics (you could probably teach me) but to describe the 4 Fundamental Laws of Sales that may help you close more profitable business now and in the future.

I'm definitely no Einstein, but I do think a lot about what makes people, and particularly buyers and salespeople, behave the way they do. I spend large portions of my day helping salespeople and teams close more profitable business and have more fun doing it

Here are the 4 Fundamental Laws of Sales:

  • Buyers rarely tell you the truth (until they trust you).

  • People make decisions based on emotion (how they feel) and then defend the decision intellectually (based on logic).

  • Not every prospect is qualified to become a customer or client. 

  • In the absence of compelling reason(s) to change people will maintain the status quo.

There's lots of other stuff we can talk about but if you can get your head around these 4 Fundamental Laws you will be way ahead of the game.

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Phil Lee