Phil Lee is a great choice as opening or closing keynote speaker or workshop facilitator. He is listed among the Top 10 motivational speakers*.

His ideal audiences include: 

  • Industry Associations

  • Sales Organisations

  • Corporate Conferences

  • Leadership Teams

Phil’s main keynote presentation are:

Mastering the Art of Offline Commercial Conversations - Generating leads via social media is great but what do you do when you actually have to engage personally with prospects? This informative presentation is about how to lead sales conversations that quickly position you as a potentially valuable resource and not just another supplier. Build trust, preserve your self respect, save time, close more profitable business.

Workplace Rockstars - The 5 Keys common to all enduring, admired and successful Rockstars that enable them to have outstanding and successful careers. Learn how to turn up to work every day engaged, motivated, and willing to give your best.

Change the Game and Grow Your Revenues - How to avoid the “Coyote v Road Runner” sales syndrome. Stop doing what is not working for you and learn some innovative strategies you can use straight away that will completely change the game in your favour. If you are tired of chasing prospects and playing the “quote and hope” game these strategies will revitalise revenues and business growth.

The 7 Most Powerful Beliefs of the World’s Highest Earning Revenue Generators - Based on his work with some of the world’s top producers Phil shares the little known secrets of the best in the world at consistently high revenue generation. Emulate them and you will be able to join them!

All Keynotes are tailored to the specific requirements of the client.

Specific workplace engagement issues that are addressed in Phil’s Rockstar At Work Keynote are:

  • To many employees are not overly engaged and it’s affecting their performance

  • Teams aren’t collaborating effectively

  • Resilience to set-backs is low

  • The “grass is greener somewhere else” syndrome

  • Commitment and connection to the goals of the organisation is weak

Phil believes that the same 5 Principles that all admired, enduring and successful Rockstars and successful people use - anyone can use to be more engaged, productive, and consistently perform at a higher level.

The 5 Rockstar Principles are: Commitment, Enjoying the Journey, Teamwork, Resilience, and Gratitude.

Specific sales issues that are addressed in Phil’s Change the Game and Grow Your Revenues Keynote are:

  • Sales people are busy but not overly productive

  • It’s taking too long to close business

  • Discounting has become a “go-to” sales strategy

  • Salespeople are not able to differentiate themselves from the competition

  • There is no systematic sales process

  • Mediocrity has seeped into the company’s sales culture


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