Due to tragic family circumstances Phil Lee went from being a "Straight A" student to failing every subject in his final year and being asked to leave the school.

Fired from every job until the age of 28 he started a personal development journey that completely turned his life around within a few short years.

After starting and running two successful IT businesses, in 2004 Phil founded the Australian office of one of the world’s leading sales and leadership training and coaching companies. Since then he has literally transformed the lives of the many clients he has trained or coached or have heard him speak.

Among his coaching clients are: the #1 sales performer out of 400 at IBM, the #2 Global performer at LinkedIn, the founder of Australia’s largest property Buyer’s Agency (and his entire sales team), and the current Federal Member for McKellar.

Phil has chronicled his personally journey and his hard earned lessons in his book, “The Game Changer - How to Get the BEST Out of Your Sales Career and Life”. In the book Phil reveals what it takes to turn your career and life around.

Phil has been married to his wife Sandy for over 31 years and has two amazing daughters. Aside from his family, Phil’s passions are: making a positive difference and inspiring others, keeping fit, continued personal growth and development, and fronting his Rock covers band "Stiff Joints" at venues around Sydney (it took him until age 60 to achieve this long desired goal). 

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