Due to tragic family circumstances Phil Lee went from being a "Straight A" student to failing every subject in his final year and being asked to leave the school.

Fired from every job until the age of 28 he started a personal development journey that completely turned his life around within a few short years.

He is proud, but not arrogant to say that, because of what he learned and applied, all his most cherished personal and professional dreams have come true.

Beside his family, Phil’s passions are: inspiring and teaching others how to show up every day and give of their best, making a positive difference, and fronting his Rock covers band "Stiff Joints" at venues around Sydney. 

Phil believes that the same 5 Principles that all successful Rockstars and successful people use - anyone can use to be more engaged, productive, and consistently perform at a higher level.

Phil's walks his own talk in his personal or professional life. 

See Phil in Action!