Phil is engaged to present his keynote and workshops for two main reasons:

1. Business leaders are concerned that too many employees are busy but they're not overly productive, they're worried that their people are more focussed on the clock than on the goals of the organisation, and they are fed up that teams are not working collaboratively. 
In short, issues with low to average engagement and collaboration are adversely affecting the bottom line.
(Needs to be very easy to read. Maybe put the 3 concerns, worries etc above in bullet point form)

2. Business leaders and Meeting and Event Planners require a keynote speaker who is engaging and fresh and able to leave the audience buzzing with excitement. 
In short they want to start or finish their Conference or session on a high note.

To discuss your requirements without obligation with Phil please call 0418247155 or email, info@phillee.com.au.

Phil shared some great messages around personal motivation and staff engagement. But the big message for everyone was the importance of teamwork. It was a great message for all of out staff to hear...”Together Everyone Achieves More.
— Robert Orie, CEO, Montefiore
Phil’s presentation is very different and very relevant to the ongoing success of our business. From our team’s enthusiastic reaction at the end it was obvious Phil had achieved what we had hoped for...a renewed sense of engagement and recognition of the importance of teamwork.
Highly recommended if you are looking to have your people perform consistently at a higher level.
— Richard Valente, Regional VP, APAC, West Corporation
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Engaging Phil Lee will transform your team's performance from this...


To This.

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Are too many employees busy but not overly productive?

I wanted to thank you for the inspiring presentation you gave this afternoon. Our group of seasoned technical and sales people were literally buzzing long after you left. There is no doubt that many were inspired by your stories and Rockstar principles to take action and raise their game. I was extremely pleased with the outcome.
— Mark Gluckman | Managing Director | Regal Information Technology Pty Ltd.

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Are your team members competing instead of collaborating?

Phil is a very engaging and entertaining speaker and presenter. I always leave his presentations feeling energised and motivated.
— Angela Lovegrove, Regional General Manager, Telstra

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Is there is too much complaining and pettiness within the organisation?

Phil’s Rockstar Your World presentation is very different and highly relevant to the ongoing success of our business. His personal stories had our team totally engaged from start to finish. From their enthusiastic reaction at the end it was obvious Phil had achieved what we had hoped from the session. We would have loved to spend more time with Phil to drill down on the 5 Principles. Highly recommended!
— Richard Valente, Regional VP, APAC, West Corporation

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Has clock watching become a tradition?

My coaching sessions with Phil have been extremely insightful and the results have been outstanding. I now have tremendous clarity and focus around the things that are truly important to me and the impetus to take the action required to take my life personally and professionally to a far more fulfilling level. Phil has an extraordinary ability to help you rediscover your true purpose and passion.
— Charles Nightingale, CEO Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce