What's your compelling reason?

Many of us are fascinated with and desire success and high achievement.

There are many posts on LinkedIn about how to be a better leader, communicator, salesperson, business person etc. It's mostly very good stuff but I bet not many people actually change their behaviour because of it.

The truth is everyone has the potential to be a success at whatever they choose but most don't have a truly compelling enough reason to do what it takes.

Unless there is some significant dissatisfaction with the status quo people won't change and they certainly won't do what is uncomfortable and necessary on a consistent basis to achieve something extraordinary.

I have a close associate who has just made an enormous amount of money by any standard. If you asked her how she achieved it she would give some very astute reasons. She would tell you that she was trying to build a great business. She would tell you that you have to hire the right people. She would tell you that you need to develop great systems and work hard etc.

They're all great answers and potentially very useful.

But they don't disclose the reason that drove her to do all of that. That's what I'm fascinated by and want to know.

The real reasons have to do with a deep seated emotional drive that compelled her to do all of the things.

I know what it is but, for privacy reasons, I won't share it here.

Do you have a deep seated, emotional drive to do whatever it takes to be super successful?

If you don't have one you may as well stop searching for "the secret" of success that many of us have been searching for because that's the foundation stone upon which all the others are built.